Deploy a Google Action

To deploy your scenario from BotTalk to Google Assistant you need to create an account on Dialogflow. Dialogflow is owned by Google and is essentially the counterpart of Amazon Alexa Console.

You can either register an account here or log in with your existing Google account:


After you create an account, your Dialogflow dashboard will look something like that:


Go ahead and Create Agent by clicking the link the top left of the menu. You will then need to provide AgentName that should not contain any whitespaces and choose the basic settings, like language and location. Please choose the same language you’ve chosen in BotTalk when you created your scenario, in our case it will be English:


Click Create and wait for the Agent to be created. It could take couple of minutes:


After it’s done you’ll see the following screen:


Now head back to BotTalk, choose you scenario and click on the Deploy tab. From there click on the red button Download export file from the Google Assistant section:


Save the zip file on your computer and go back to Dialogflow. There click the settings icon next to the Agent name (marked with the red arrow on the screenshot):


In the Settings go to the Export and Import tab and click on the Restore from Zip button:


In the popup window choose the file you’ve just downloaded from BotTalk:


Type in RESTORE in the text field and click RESTORE button:


You’ll get a green notification in the bottom right corner of the screen:


You can now close the popup window. You’ve successfully deployed your scenario to Dialogflow!

Testing Google Action on Dialogflow

In order to test your freshly created Google Action head to the Integrations section of the menu:


Click on the Integration Settings link and the popup window will appear:


From there click on the TEST button at the bottom of the window. NOTE: If after the click a new browser tab is opened and instantly closed, you would need to close that popup window and click on the Integration Settings link once again. It’s a known Dialogflow bug =(

This is how the Simulator of Google Actions looks like:


You can just go ahead and click enter in the input field. That will launch the test version of your Google Action.

Congratulations, you’ve just created your first Google Action!

Now that was easy, wasn’t it? Are you proud of yourself? Do you want to show it to your friend and colleagues? You will learn how to do that in the next section!