Deploy an Alexa Skill

Now you’ve got your scenario ready, it’s time to listen to it on the real device! It’s time to deploy your scenario as Alexa Skill!

Go to the Deploy tab in the top of the editor and you will see two options. You can deploy, or publish, your scenario as Amazon Alexa Skill or as Google Assistant Action:


Of course you can do both as well, but we will start with Amazon Alexa first.

In order for you to be able to publish the Skills for Alexa you’re required to become a registered Amazon Developer: Amazon Developer Registration. This process is free of charge - and takes only 3 minutes to complete. Please note, that BotTalk will not be able to deploy your skill if you don’t have Amazon Developer Account.

After you created your Amazon Developer Account head back to your scenario on BotTalk, go to the Deploy section and click on the Connect to Amazon button.

You will be redirected to the Amazon authorization page, where you can log in with your Amazon Developer Account:


You will now be asked to authorize BotTalk application. This is required in order for BotTalk to publish and update the Skills you created. BotTalk DOES NOT store your Amazon email / password!!!

After you authorize BotTalk, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard. Where you need to choose the scenario you created once again (sorry for this inconvenience, but there were no other way to solve oath process of Amazon):


After choosing the scenario and going to Deploy section once again, you will see the button that used to be called Connect to Amazon now has changed to Deploy:


Go ahead and click on that button to start the deployment process:


It takes couple of minutes for the deployment to build your skill. After it’s done you will see the confirmation: Successfully deployed to Alexa:


Test a Skill in Amazon Developer Console

To test that the deployment worked, head over to the Amazon Developer Services and sign in as Amazon Developer.

After this choose Amazon Alexa from the dashboard (left top corner):


And then head to Your Alexa Consoles menu (right top corner). Click on the Skills section:


You will see the skill you’ve just deployed from BotTalk displayed in the list as the first item:


To test the skill, click on the Edit link in the ACTIONS section. You will see the following screen:


From here head to the Test tab at the top of the screen. The Test Console will open:


There you can start your newly created skill either by typing in the input field, or by clicking on the microphone icon and saying: open greetings from earth. (Please not that if named your scenario differently - you would need to choose that name instead).

Congratulations, you’ve got your first Alexa Skill developed on BotTalk!