Test a Skill on Echo Device

If the Amazon Developer Account is the same account your Amazon Echo is configured with - your skill will be available on your device directly after the deployment. Just try it out by saying /“Alexa, open Dog Facts Tutorial”/

If you want to test your skill on the other device, or send this skill for testing purposes to your friends and colleagues you need to invite them (or yourself) to be beta-testers.

Before you can invite others to test your skill, you need to complete couple of things in the Amazon Alexa Console. Head to Amazon Developer Sign In and click Edit link in the ACTIONS section next to your Skill name:


From there go to Distribution tab. You would need to upload two icons: a small one 108x108 pixel and a large one 512x512 pixel. For your convince we’ve created those icons for you to use: Small Skill Icon, Large Skill Icon. Just upload it here:


And click on Save and continue button. In the next section choose the following answers:


And once again click on Save and continue.

In the Availability section you will have a rectangular section call Beta Test:


Click on the error to open this section. Enter the tester email addresses in the field:


Click on the Add button and then the Enable beta testing button will be highlighted as active:


Click on the Enable beta testing button. Now the betat testing has been activated and an invitation has been sent to the tester email address:


That is it. Your beta testers will receive an email with the instructions on how to enable your Skill on their devices!