Test Google Actions on Google Home / Google Assistant App

It is basically the same process that we’ve just went though with Amazon, but it’s done on Dialogflow.

In order for you to invite beta testers (or yourself) to install the Google Action on their devices you need to log in to Dialogflow Console.

From your dashboard you need to go to Integrations section:


Click on Integration settings. And in the popup window click on the Test button:


The next screen will be shown in the separate tab. Go to the Release section there:


And Click on the arrow next to Beta card. There you can open the following dialog by clicking on the Manage Beta Testers:


Add email addresses of your testers, click on the plus button and then on the Save button in the top right of the screen.

That’s it! Your users will receive an email from Google with the instructions on how to enable the Action on their devices.