Every now and then the user might say something either Amazon Alexa / Google Action does not understand, or we did not expect. By default BotTalk would say someting in the lines of:

Sorry, I didn't undersand that. Could you please repeat?

If you would like to customize this reprompt, you can easily do so in your scenario settings in the very top of your Scenario file:

 name: 'example'
 locale: en-US
 invocation: 'my test skill'
   - 'Alexa, open my test skill'
   - "Hm, I really did't get the last one. Try again?"
   - "Sorry, could you repeat that?"

Notice how you can provide several options for your reprompt. BotTalk will choose one of those randomly.

This is the great example of how BotTalk encourages you to follow best practices of Voice User Experience - by introducing variations you make your Alexa Skill / Gogole Action human friendly.

Written by Andrey Esaulov on 12 March 2019

Updated on 12 March 2019