Basic scenario description consists of several yaml lines. Those lines are generated automatically after you create a new scenario in BotTalk:

  - intents.yml
  - slots.yml
  - tests.yml
  name: 'My skill name'
  locale: en_US
  invocation: 'my super skill'
    - 'Alexa, open my super skill'
    - 'Alexa, ask my super skill about hotdogs'

The include section describes which files should be included in the main scenario file.

The includes are followed by the main scenario section with basic settings. All parameters are obligatory, but could be changed at the later date in the Amazon Developer Console / in Dialogflow.

name — your skill / action name
locale — language of your skill / action
invocation — word, which user must say to invoke your skill / action
category — Alexa skill store category
examplePhrases — array of phrases to show to user on skill screen in store.

Written by Andrey Esaulov on 12 March 2019

Updated on 12 March 2019