Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Voice Developer

Building your first Alexa Skills and Actions on Google with a simple markup language was easy and fast.

Now you can become a real voice applications developer by taking the following next steps in the learning process.

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Basic concepts

An Alexa Skill and Action on Google you have created, tested and deployed can talk to the user, ask questions and make some logic decisions based on the user’s input. It was really fast and easy to create the first voice application in BoTalk.

There are several basic concepts each Alexa developer and Actions on Google developer should learn and understand. We tried to structure the documentation material in such a way that you can use it both as a how-to guide to voice development and as a reference later on.

Courses and tutorials

We have more then one tutorial on developing voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant out there. These resources give you different examples and samples of Alexa Skills and Actions on Google you can use as templates for your own custom voice applications.


If you are a visual learner (like the author of this lines), check out the BotTalk YouTube Channel.

Written by Andrey Esaulov on 22 March 2019

Updated on 22 March 2019